The Best Electrical Service Upgrade in New York

What is an electrical service upgrade?

The standard for household power used to be 60 amps. But modern homes may need as many as 100 – 200 amps to run air conditioners, computer equipment, high-definition televisions, and high-tech home automation devices.

100 or 200 Amp Electrical Service Upgrade

One of the most frequent questions the new home buyers ask is whether to get 100 or 200 Amp service for their new home. Is the 200 Amp service worth extra expense? If you don’t have any 220 volt electricity hogs, such as electric heat, hot water tank, dryer, range or central AC a 100 amp service for a modest size home will serve most families. But this is the minimum service size allowed by the National Electrical Code, and you leave little room for future expansion.

More circuits does not necessarily mean you need the 200A.  The best way to find your actual use is, buy or borrow an Amprobe.  This is a meter you clamp around a wire to see what is being used.  Turn on everything in the house, including the AC, and see actual use.

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