We specialize new construction services


If you’re a commercial company, small business or home owner that’s in the process of rebuilding your residential or commercial space you’ll need to invest in an electrical company that specializes in new construction services. Part of the mandatory electrical process, electrical builds and new construction should always be done by a professional service.

Working with the right partners from the very beginning can save time and money. We work closely with all of our customers from the earliest stages of a project and thanks to our range of services we can deliver value right through the project from concept to completion.

We have a team of specialized project managers dedicated to new construction projects, with a proven track record with some of the major developers, architects, and general contractors.. Often involved in delivering high quality projects, we understand the importance of well organized integrated teams. As the project progresses, our managers will work closely with your teams to overcome any problems you may encounter, calling upon technical or design support.

What’s Included in an electrical new construction project ?

The specifics of what is including during a new construction will differ depending upon the individualized plan for the house. Generally, though, the plans will include electrical services for lighting, heaters, fans, hot water units, outlets, air-conditioning, home automation systems, and more. Basically, any fixed appliance that requires electricity, as well as any electrical outlets, will have the necessary electrical wiring installed. The electrician will run cables and wires to all switches, outlets, appliances and lighting fixtures throughout your home.

With an eye for quality, look no further than Electrician Techs to ensure proper quality, communication and reliability for your new construction project. We deliver on time, we are under budget and have the most highly-trained, industry-certified master electricians with years of experience working for both commercial and residential clients, calling us will be the best choice you will ever make.