Recessed Lighting


As one of the most versatile sources of light for both residential and commercial buildings, recessed lighting fixtures, or recessed cans, offer a layer of general lighting that seamlessly blends into any space.

What is recessed lighting?

Recessed lighting refers to fixtures that are set into ceilings or walls. Commonly called cans because of their shape, they include the housing (the internal part in the ceiling that you don’t see) and the trim, which is visible. With little or no profile, recessed lighting provides effective ambient and accent illumination for both residential and commercial use.

How to Choose Recessed Lighting

There are two main components to recessed lighting: the housing and the trim. While choosing the right trim is largely based on your personal taste, choosing the right housing can be a little more technical. You might find that you have a few questions for your electrician on choosing the right one. Having an understanding of the different elements and components involved is the key to getting the right recessed light:

Which type of housing should I use: Remodel or New Construction?

There are two types of housings, New Construction and Remodel. Determining which type to use will depend on your application. If you have access to your ceiling from above, you will want to use a New Construction housing. If you do not have access, you will want to use a Remodel housing.

How many lights am I going to need?

This question has no easy answer, as opinions on this subject vary greatly. However, a good rule of thumb is to take the height of the ceiling and divide it in half. This is the distance that each light should be from one another. For example, a room with an 8′ ceiling, should have lights approximately 4′ from one another (8′ ceiling / 2 = 4′ apart). The total number of lights will also be affected by the type and wattage of bulb being used. Spot lights with narrow beams will produce pockets or pools of light, while flood type bulbs will produce broader amounts of light.

Can I use a dimmer?

Yes, a dimmer can be used on most recessed lighting. Line Voltage recessed lighting can be dimmed with a standard incandescent dimmer. While Low Voltage recessed lighting will be dimmed with either a Low Voltage Electronic or Magnetic dimmer. The type of transformer (Electronic or Magnetic) used in the housing will determine which type of dimmer you need.

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